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BETA (version 5.8)

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  1. Press the "Send to Messenger" button at the top ☝️ of this page to initiate a conversation with our Facebook Page.
  2. You will be guided through a chat to help determine your location. You will only have to do this one time.
  3. We then identify the smallest locale that reports health data, pull the latest numbers and format it nice and neatly in your Facebook Messenger.
  4. In the menu under the chat, you will have the option to be proactively notified as new data becomes available in your area (usually every 24 hours). 

We pull the latest data from the Johns Hopkins Medical Database, which is updated every 24 hours.

We can only pull what your local area is reporting publically. We support 240 Countries and each have a different level of reporting.

  1. If we have County Health Department Data (USA ONLY) we first look for that. We search 3007 Counties in the US. Not all of them are reporting.
  2. We then move to the Province (State) you live in. Only 7 Countries (Like Canada) are reporting at this level.
  3. If we cannot locate your Province, we return the Country information.

A Note on Accuracy:

We have written in an exhaustive amount of formulas to try to fix common errors or translate that (for example) you live in a Parish not a County. We even license code and have to pay per user to validate your proper postal code.

That said, if the 🤖 bot asks you to double check your address please do so. You would be surprised how many people just hit continue without checking! 🤦🏻‍♂️

If you still are not getting local results, please use the 🗣 Feedback / Help button in the chat menu to communicate to the team and we will take a look.

Your local data could take up to 24 hours to become available.


Each community varies depending on how often, accurately and diligently they update their health data.


If you notice that after a couple of days the numbers don't match your local community then please reach out to us so that one of the 🤓 nerds can take a look.


📩 [email protected]


We pull the latest data from the Johns Hopkins Medical Database, which is updated every 24 hours.

The BEST way you can support our project is to become a 🖤 SUPPORTER on our Facebook Page.

You get a special supporter badge, EXCLUSIVE content, Discounts/Early Access & Behind the Scenes LIVE Videos.

We ask for your email for a couple of reasons:


  1. This project is in BETA and it is important for us to be able to communicate with our BETA testers. We may need to send a survey or follow up with a technical issue that you reported.
  2. The NEW Facebook Policy is that we can only proactively send you a message if you have talked to adventure 🤖 bot within the last 24 hours. If you lose contact with us, an email is used as a backup.

If you do not want to provide an email, you can still access global 🌎🦠 covid updates.

If you have subscribed to proactive updates, 🤖 the bot will send you a message when new data is available for you to review.


According to Facebook's Messenger Policy, if we haven't heard from you (meaning you haven't engaged with the bot) in 24 hours we are not allowed to send you a message.


You will need to manually start the conversation with him. Once you engage with the bot again and are inside that 24 hour window, your proactive update will go out.


Please Note: Even if your data is unchanged, we will send you a message if the data as of date changes in the database.



  • On Monday you had 11 cases and 2 deaths.
  • Tuesday there were no new cases or deaths, so the numbers stay at 11 and 2.

We would still send ☝️ you an update since the "update" is that there are no changes. 

When you receive a proactive message, there is always an option to stop receiving the updates.


You can always decide later to turn them back on.

In order for us to identify the smallest locale that has covid data available for you, we need to match your location to how your area reports the data.


We only have you go through this process once. Once we connect you to your local source that is it. There is no ongoing tracking that happens.


We do not sell or share this information with any third parties. If you would like us to remove your information from the BETA please send us an email here.

This project was started by John-Erik Moseler & is assisted heavily by Eric Roberts. It is funded through supporters of Adventure Social.

Learn more about becoming a supporter:

🖐 We promise to never be janky with your DATA. We believe it is just as important to keep your privacy safe as it is to make you dangerous to mediocrity and the status quo.


We use the information that you provide to enhance and customize your experience. 🤗


If you would like us to remove your data from this BETA, please send us an email here.


We only ask for you to enter your location one time to match your local health reporting agency.


This information is entered by you and we do not access your location settings at anytime. There is no tracking going on. The only thing we track is cases of covid-19 and deliver those results to you.


Notes for Nerds: Facebook took away the feature for you to share your location with us.  Even if we wanted to, it is no longer a feature.

We have added a feature that allows you to check in on your friends & family. In fact, it is now our most popular feature!


After you set your locale, you have the ability to check in on a friend. You will need 3 pieces of information:

  • Country (Ex: United States)
  • State/Province (Ex: Florida)
  • County (Ex: Orange)

Pro Tip: If you just google; or ask alexa or siri for example: "what county is Orlando, Florida in," it will come up with the county you need to know for your friend.

Do you have an idea for a new feature? Did you notice a bug or mispeling? Do you just want to tell the 🤓 nerds thanks!?!


Just use the 🗣 Feedback/Help button at the bottom of the chat window to leave feedback for the team! We LOVE hearing from you!!!

🤖 #AdventureBot is built around conversation. Pressing buttons is just one way to navigate. You can also type the following phrases and he will take you to the right place:

  • "Covid Near Me" = Your local results.
  • "Covid Near Friend" = Check another location.
  • "Global Covid" = Check Global Stats
  • "Menu" = Takes you to the Covid Menu.

Fun Fact: You can also ask 🤖 lots of random things like if he likes big butts or if Carole killed her husband! 🤣

We are currently on BETA (version 5.8).

The project is less than 10 days old. We typically put out a new feature every day with minor updates several times a day.

The next version will include a map feature and continued improvements.


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